Get Seen Graphics (GSG) is an awesome space where creativity is let loose and everything is possible when it comes to design, inspiration and imagination. It’s about people and their businesses..and their ideas. With over 20 years of multi-media design experience, GSG can create a feeling for your idea, by designing imagery that reflects your business. From print design, branding, Websites, Social Media Management & Music Media Management. GSG helps you to get your message across. GSG helps your idea get SEEN.

With over 20 years of multi-media design training and experience and over 8 years in business, GSG can help you create a feeling for your idea or business and help you design an image or brand that reflects that feeling, helping you share your idea and your gift with the world.


Getting Seen....

One step closer…working with U2
One step closer…working with U2
This one is another example of putting yourself out there and trying your #best. I’ve been a #U2 fan for over 3 decades and decided to reach out to the fan club and ask if I could be one of their #graphic #designers…Well, after a 92 minute Skype call, I was offered the gig. 😉…
Working with Harem Scarem
Working with Harem Scarem
It was 2014 and after meeting with Pete Lesperance and Harry Hess at Vespa Music Group (owned by Harry Hess) and listening to their new album #Thirteen, which was to be released within 13 weeks with a marketing campaign called #13weeksto13, we started our working relationship. That marketing campaign was amazing and lots of fun…
GSG Welcomes The Mark Konnors Band
GSG Welcomes The Mark Konnors Band
Coming off of the success of his single “Country Girl” from last years breakout CD, Easthaven’s, Mark Konarowski moves forward with a new look and brand name, “The Mark Konnors Band.” This rebrand came about after meeting with Anthem Entertainment Publishing’s Lauren Luie, who pitched him songs based on the strength of his recent CD…

The Seen Podcast by GSG

Coming Soon..'The Seen' Podcast by GSG.
Featuring interviews with people making an impact in our global community.

Rockstars, authors, lawyers and more!

Special thanks to Jeff Woods for his amazing voice-over work on our theme.
Preview Podcast Opening Theme:

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Designing for music – Interview with Brad Rose

On Drooble we’ve interviewed tens of musicians and song-writers but now we’ll show you another part of the big game called the music business. Brad Rose is one of the people on our website who’s following a completely different path which is still very bound to music. He’s been a graphic designer for the last 20 years, working on everything from album artworks to radio and social media campaigns.

Here’s his story and his reasons to be a part of our ever-growing community.

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