Designing the Tour T-Shirt for HAREM SCAREM

OK, if you don’t know this already, GET SEEN GRAPHICS is the Social Media Manager for Harem Scarem the last 5+ years ( more on how I got that gig in another post )…
Any-who…Time was approaching for the guys to hit the road to support their latest album: UNITED and I gave Pete and Harry a quick Facebook Message that went something like:
Me: “Hey guys. Can I design a shirt for selling at the upcoming gigs?”
Pete: “Sure man.”
Harry: “Sounds good!”
This is one of the reasons why I love working with these guys..They are easy going as well as trust and respect the work I do for Harem Scarem.
Two designs later and the final design was ready to go to Myles at Renegade Apparel for screen printing.

Myles took my design files and worked his amazing screen printing magic.

As soon as I brought them home, my oldest son Ethan was waiting for his shirt..He’s a huge fan of HS.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve seen my design appear in Europe, Canada, The United States, Japan, the UK and more!
Here’s a few happy folks that posted their pics on social media.

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